Welcome to the world’s first crowd-driven innovation awards.
This isn’t a most-innovative-companies list. There are no “lifetime” awards.
We honor real innovators who’ve achieved real results.

The 2017 Collaborative Innovation Awards

Honoring the top corporate and non-profit innovators

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Together, Imaginatik and Suffolk University Center for Innovative Collaboration and Leadership (CICL) want to change the way we celebrate corporate innovations. People create innovations, and people deserve the credit.

Everything will be open to direct crowd participation, from contest submissions to the final-round judging. Each award will go directly to the team(s) responsible.

Winners will represent this year’s best combination of invention, entrepreneurship, collaboration, and impact. Is that you? Submit your innovation to find out.

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Awards and Prizes

We will be honoring winners in the following categories
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All individuals included on winning submissions will receive the following prizes

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Trophies will be awarded honoring each member of the team as 2017 Innovation Award winner
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Case Studies

Business school case study written and published by Suffolk Sawyer School of Business
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Free Marketing Publicity

Winning submissions will receive free marketing publicity, courtesy of Imaginatik

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Selection Committee

Meet the judges
Adetola Abiade image


Adetola Abiade

Head of Global Innovation – Americas

Mark Karasek image

Chamberlain Group

Mark Karasek

Chief Technology Officer

Chema Luengo image

Liberty Mutual

Chema Luengo

AVP Innovation

Angeline Johnson image

Moss Adams

Angeline Johnson

Innovation Program Senior Manager

Christopher Bailey image


Christopher Bailey

Head of #innovation Program

Jamie Tallon image


Jamie Tallon

Director of Product Innovation

Rachel Schwartz image


Rachael Schwartz

General Manager, Keurig Connect

Dan Seewald image


Dan Seewald

Worldwide Innovation Group Leader


A co-production of Suffolk University and Imaginatik, the Collaborative Innovation 2017 awards gala honors the most impactful innovations from mid- and large-sized organizations worldwide.

To qualify, winning innovations:

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    must have been launched within the last 2 years (i.e., 2015 or 2016)
  • null
    must have been created by people working on at least a half-time basis for an organization(s) with 200 or more employees
  • null
    must be submitted by a team of at least 2 people (lone individuals cannot enter – focus is on collaborative innovation)
  • null
    must be able to speak publicly about the innovation (submissions are non-confidential)

Contest Format and Timelines

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First Round: February – March 2017

  • null
    Six weeks for open submissions through an online platform
  • null
    Two weeks for crowd voting
  • null
    5 finalists picked in each award category
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Second Round: April 2017

  • null
    All finalists must submit additional information
  • null
    Two weeks for final-round crowd voting
  • null
    Two weeks of Selection Committee final judging
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Awards Ceremony – May 2017 (Boston, MA)

  • null
    Winners announced in each category
  • null
    Prizes conferred at innovators conference
  • null
    Private dinner for winners and judges
  • null
    Final dates / details TBD – stay tuned!

Selection Criteria



Great innovations aim to solve BHAG problems. We want to see the heart, brains, and brawn needed to breathe game-changers into existence.


Even the “lone genius” inventor story requires a supporting cast to help the invention spread in the marketplace. We want to know about the underlying teamwork that led to your amazing innovation.


Innovation is an act of creation, requiring a high degree of ingenuity. We want to see evidence of highly creative problem-solving powering the final innovation.


History is littered with “innovations” long forgotten. We seek compelling evidence that our world will never again be the same – fundamentally changed for the better – because of your innovation.

Crowd Voice

We are fervent believers that experts do not have all the answers. Crowd voting will count for 20% of the final score in both the preliminary and final rounds of this competition. It will also count for 100% of the Crowd Favorite award.

Submit Your Innovation Today

Log into the online awards platform to submit, collaborate, and vote.
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